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automobile enterprises set their sights on younger consumers

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 according to statistics from the ministry of public security cited in a report appearing on beijing business today, there are currently over 300 million drivers in china, the highest number in the world. as younger and younger consumers get behind the wheels, manufacturers are refocusing their strategies to meet the demands of a changing market. several youth-oriented models, such as the new polo, levin, new fit, mazda3 axela and family, are being released with a very specific target market in mind.

world leader toyota is among those who have taken whiff of this new trend. earlier in march of this year, the manufacturer launched its global get going program with the goal of attracting younger buyers. mercedes-benz, meanwhile, has announced its plans to produce cleaner and more attractive models for younger buyers in order to boost its brand image and increase its sales.

statistics back up these market trends. according to statistics from j.d. power, the percentage of new automobile buyers born in the 1980s and 1990s in the chinese market has increased from 38 percent in 2010 to 53 percent last year, marking the first time that this group usurped those of buyers born during the 1970s. opposed to previous groups who valued prestige and comfort, these newer buyers are more concerned with individuality and convenience.

likewise, with the rapid development of the internet and mobile phone networks, the growing importance of new technologies is also becoming apparent. statistics compiled by (chinese) show that nearly a third of buyers believe that vehicles targeted towards younger buyers should emphasize network connectivity. whoever produces vehicles that meet the demands of this emerging market will be sure to benefit greatly.