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  corporate mission:

  we keep improving ourselves to create world-leading automotive piping products!

  we do not ask for the biggest or the most comprehensive, but the most professional and refined. trying to win with perfection, skt automotive piping products will protect your beloved automobile with more than qualified products and considerate services!

  corporate purpose:

  create value creative opportunities create efficiency

  create value – to create value for customers. customer always comes first.

  create opportunities – to create opportunities for employees. people are our unswerving orientation.

  create efficiency – to create efficiency for society based on our enterprise. our enterprise is the root to create social efficiency.

  corporate spirit:

  integrity, professionalism, passion, persistence

  a person who has no integrity cannot stand; an enterprise that has no integrity cannot prosper. no matter inside or outside our enterprise, integrity is the basis on which we have established the company.

  to pursue winning with specialty, skt is an expert in automotive piping. we have first-class talents and technologies.

  we have dreams, and dreams become our incentive for success. but what we have is more than dreams. what we have the most is our strength!

  persistence is our innate character. in order to be successful, we break open a way through brambles and thorns to march forward courageously!

  corporate philosophy:

  learning, innovation, competition, improvement

  learning ability is the source of enterprise development; innovation is the base for business growth; competitiveness is the key to success. modern competition between enterprises is essentially a competition of the three forces. who that can quickly improve its learning ability, innovation and competitiveness will win the initiative of development and the leading advantage, and will also surpass their competitors in market competition and keep long-standing advantage of development.

  quality concept:

  quality ----- the starting point of skt people’s dignity and value

  we always believe that: every product of skt is equivalent to customer property, which is merely temporarily kept by us. if we deliver defective products to customers, it will be the same with giving short weight and stealing from customers. such an enterprise is no doubt hard to establish itself in market. we will never become such an enterprise!

  service philosophy:

  customer satisfaction is our value!

  if there is no customer satisfaction, there will be no value for us, which an enterprise cannot live without. therefore, we have to serve our customers with sincerity, professionalism, high-efficiency, and full range services, to pursue the highest customer satisfaction.

  propaganda slogan:

  skt automobile, we guarantee worry-free driving for you.